Renaissance CDC Prison Outreach Program

Since 1990, Renaissance CDC prides itself on providing to former incarcerated men a door to freedom and the opportunity for a second chance.  This effort has been an active component of the RCDC Mission, providing men temporary and long term employment within its community based outreach collaborative efforts.  Applying client history of incarceration must have been of a non violent offense, inclusive of crimes against children.

Further, RCDC provides to other businesses the reference for quality men who most time because of age, the lack of maturity, limited education and or understanding of the judicial system has found one confined and most often incarcerated for an extended period of time.  This loss of contact with society and the un-official stigma of being a former incarcerated person can accelerate the challenges of transitioning back with family, community and mainstream society.

Over the past two decades, RCDC has provided employment opportunities for many needing a job placement to meet parole guidelines or direct employment as a condition of pre-release and perpetual independence.  We have provided these individuals with a hand up rather than a kick down.

We provide legal representation referrals, housing placement assistance and social service referrals.

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