To create and promote community based economic development initiatives that achieves lasting economic viability. To establish strong, healthy, thriving communities by providing affordable housing, educational and cultural opportunities.

To provide support services to community residents that provides access to resources. To forge and maintain strategic alliances that advances our community development and public policy agenda.  And, to create an environment and mechanisms to cultivate indigenous leadership.


We envision a thriving industrious community that provides a safe, blight less, healthy enviorment that fosters individual and family life, economic growth and cultivation of indigenous leadership. A well organized community capable of promoting and realizing its own public policy agenda. Neighborhoods with profitable business, community-based entrepreneurs that encourages creativity, integrity and community reinvestment. Ongoing community development awareness initiatives that promote partnering with public and private sectors and collaboration with other community based entities.


  • Provide Leadership In Community
  • Economic Development
  • Integrity, Pride & Strength
  • Commitment
  • Community Empowerment
  • Self-Determination
  • Partnerships/Collaborations
  • Safe, Secure, Stable & Healthy Communities
  • Family Oriented  Environment